Find Your Camp Summer Camp 2018

  • Overnight Camps

    Overnight Camps

    Our Overnight Camps offer the entire NCA Curriculum and the most one-on-one time with your NCA Instructor. Each camp features a balanced schedule between Game Time and Performance training to create the perfect atmosphere for strengthening team bonds.

  • Day Camps

    Day Camps

    These Camps feature six hours of instruction per day and cover a variety of cheers and stunts that you can select from the NCA Curriculum.

  • Clinics


    Our Day Clinics are 1-Day Camps that last 3-6 hours. Your team will learn the basics and the schedules will vary depending on what techniques and skills your team wants to cover. There are 17 available versions of our 1-Day Clinics; offering everything from Stunt Clinics to Performance Clinics, so whatever your team needs, we have a clinic for it.

  • Home Camps

    Home Camps

    Home Camps are for teams that can’t get to an Overnight Camp. Select the dates that work best for you and your team will receive one-on-one training from an NCA Instructor. Home Camps offer standardized schedules or you can customize your own. So whether you want more time on stunts, pyramids or baskets there’s a schedule perfect for your team.

  • Performance Camps

    Performance Camps

    These camps focus solely on the performance aspect of cheerleading. Your team will work one-on-one with an NCA Instructor to create a unique routine to music that includes stunts, tumbling, jumps and other talents you want your team to showcase. Campers will also have a chance to learn the traditional NCA Stunt, Dance and Jump Curriculum.

  • Speed Camps

    Speed Camps

    Our Speed Camps are specifically designed to take your team’s stunts and skills to a whole new level. Our hand-selected staff will train your team in a wide variety of stunts from novice to elite skill levels. Some camps feature tumbling classes as well.The cutting edge stunts and techniques your team will learn were created exclusively for our Speed Camps. Speed Camps are technique camps, and technique is for everybody.

  • Resort Camps

    Resort Camps

    A camp experience unlike any other, these camps are offered at locations like water parks or country clubs. These fun-filled camps are great for team bonding and still cover the skills and stunts taught in our Overnight camps.

  • Additional Camps including Leadership Camps and more!

    Additional Camps including Leadership Camps and more!

    Leadership Camps
    Christian Camps
    Non-Building Camps
    Youth Camps